1 agosto


Tower speaks

Agostina D’Alessandro

concept & direction Agostina D’Alessandro
performers Hernan Mancebo Martinez & Agostina D’Alessandro
live music Pierfrancesco Mucari (saxophones, marranzani & electronics)
production Compagnie Agostina D’Alessandro/ Expansive BeingPERFORMARE FESTIVAL 2021 – 
– The work of the artist Agostina D’Alessandro is supported by Federation Wallonie Bruxelles and Grand Studio –

PRENOTAZIONE OBBLIGATORIA | 348.7967879 | info@cortileteatrofestival.it

TOWER SPEAKS is a dialogue en between two bodies, et dialogue in between the music and the dance, a dialogue between two characters, a dialogue in between a man and a women, a dialogue in between mind and soul. Floating in an atmosphere full of misery, the dancers are able to build a new dimension of a relationship.